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    3 Keys to Successful Engagement

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    Today’s businesses need to be on social media. It’s critical to have a website and social media presence in order for prospects to find and research you and your services. But what do you do after your social media profiles have been set up? Engage…

    3 Keys to Successful Engagement

    Key #1 – Ask Questions

    Nobody wants to hear about you all the time. They want to know you care about them and their needs. How are you allowing your audience the opportunity to fill you in?

    What You SHOULD Do

    Social Media: Post questions which allow for the opportunity for your followers to answer. Not only do their responses provide you insight on your audience, but their responses keep your posts fresh in the eyes of others.

    This method of successful engagement doesn’t just work on your own profiles but also in any groups you may belong to on Facebook or LinkedIn. Jump in the group, ask a question and wait for the responses to roll in.

    Please, however, don’t ask “Who wants to hire me to…” This is NOT how to achieve successful engagement. In fact, it’s just going to turn people off and make them ignore you and your future posts.

    Email marketing: Our favorite way to do this is to ask a question of our audience after they opt-in for a lead magnet. Give the lead a few hours to review the materials they requested and then send a follow-up with a few questions. This can easily be set-up for your email marketing software, and we LOVE to use Infusionsoft to do this.

    If your lead magnet provides action items, follow-up with those who opt-in regularly. Ask them how they are doing with the actions you provided, find out if they are achieving their desired level of success, and if so, ask for a testimonial.

    Key #2 – Listen

    The best relationships, whether between significant others or clients and contractors, come when parties are listening and picking up a silent cues. Fortunately, in the world of social media it’s easy to listen to what people are saying about you and your industry.

    What You Should Do

    Depending on the size of your company, people could be talking about your brand. Set up searches for your username and/or company name on Google Search and Hootsuite (or your favorite social media tool),and then wait and watch for people to mention you. When they do, respond. Remember, successful engagement comes with responding tactfully, even if the post is a complaint. If you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    Know your hashtags: Depending on the social media tools you are using you may have the ability to set up hashtags for specific keywords. Search for the hashtags which are relevant to your business (and limit to this to a certain geographic area if you are a local service-based business),and then engage with people when you can offer value to them.

    For example, a post may come through that someone’s air conditioner has died. If your company specializes in heating and air conditioning and you are in their geographic location, respond that you would be happy to provide a free estimate (or whatever your offer is) to help them get cooled off asap.

    Successful engagement while listening is that easy.

    Key #3 – Put Your Best Foot Forward

    When you’re down on one knee handing a proposal to your prospect, the last thing you want them to do is take another look at your social media profiles and find something derogatory.

    What You SHOULD Do

    Public vs. Private: Whether you want them to or not, prospects may occasionally take a look at your personal social media profile(s) to find out more about you and your character. The last thing you need them to see is a string of sloppy pictures from your last drunken night out on the town. When posting pictures or text, be mindful of whether your message should be set for friends only.

    Questions to ask yourself could include:

    • Is this post too racy for prospects to see?
    • Could this post insult my prospect?
    • Will people who don’t know me intimately understand the humor behind this?

    Rebrand Your Personal Profile: When you update your header or cover images, think about what the image is portraying. No, you don’t NEED to brand your personal profile for your business (and on Facebook you actually have to be careful when doing so),but make sure the images you have portraying you are appropriate to your customer/client audience.

    Pictures you probably shouldn’t use:

    • Crazy cover photo from your bachelor/bachelorette party (unless your business plans such parties)
    • Images with obscene gestures
    • Quotes expressing hate or disdain toward specific members of the society

    Are you ready for success engagement on social media? Comment below with the steps you are taking to encourage engagement!


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