the workshop for small business owners fighting procrastination

    Accelerate: The Workshop is an intensive four-week group workshop focused on helping small business owners minimize their procrastination and maximize their productivity.

    In this workshop you will learn strategies for the following:


    Learn how to figure out which tasks you should be doing yourself and which you should be delegating to others.


    Learn how to rank your activities so you know where to start each day.


    We will discuss how to reverse-engineer your important tasks to assist in strategy development.


    Learn how to get your tasks in order so you can get your business and personal lives in order.

    Goal Setting

    The best way to get to where you want to go is to figure out where you want to be.


    We will help you develop systems to automate the repetitive tasks you tend to ignore so can focus on the tasks you enjoy.

    In order to participate in an Accelerate Workshop you must apply. Why?

     We are looking for participants who are motivated.

    We want to know YOU are SERIOUS.

    Are you?