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    Are You Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

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    Last week I had a radio interview with Jim Beach of School for Startups Radio. (You’re invited to listen to the interview here). The main topic of the interview was social media, specifically Twitter. During the course of the interview it became clear that even the most intelligent entrepreneurs make mistakes with their social media marketing.

    Are YOU making these social media marketing mistakes?

    Mistake #1 – Starting a Tweet with @username

    Why this is bad: Starting a tweet with @username prohibits anyone who is not following BOTH Twitter users to see the Tweet. Whether you are raving or ranting about somebody else’s product or services, you undoubtedly want the world to see your tweets (unless, of course, you are sending a direct message).

    What you SHOULD do: Putting ANYTHING before @username allows ALL of Twitter land to see your Tweet. Personally, I usually begin a tweet with a “Hey @username” or a response to their tweet.

    Start Your Tweet Correctly

    Mistake #2 – Using the Boost Post Function in Facebook

    Why this is bad: Boosting posts from your Facebook fan page does not allow you to target your ideal audience to the greatest potential. As a result, you end of spending WAY MORE ad money with WAY LESS conversions.

    What you SHOULD do: Use the Facebook Power Editor. The Power Editor allows you to fine tune your audience deep down to the nitty gritty including what pages they follow, their profession, and even their income and buying habits.

    Mistake #3 – Posting ONLY Selfies on Instagram

    Why this is bad: Why would I want to follow people — nevermind, complete strangers — on Instagram who only post selfies? They offer nothing of value to me, and quite honestly are pretty boring.

    What you SHOULD do: Put a little bit of time into your Instagram posts. Use a graphics program (like Canva),and create Instagram posts which will inspire your fans.

    Instagram Examples

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