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    Your Ideal Client is NOT Everybody

    During a recent call with a prospective client I was trying to get a feel for her ideal clients. I had a solid understanding of her products, and honestly knew quite well who her ideal clients should be. She gave me a response, however, which made me want to shout, “Your ideal client is NOT everybody!”…

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    So You Bought One of Those Webinar Courses Blog Title

    So You Bought One of Those Webinar Courses… Now What?

    OK, OK. I admit – I bought one of those webinar courses too. This isn’t a critique of any of the courses. Personally, I found a TON of value in Webinars That Convert, but I also found a lot of confused and frustrated students who ended up becoming clients! Why? They were getting hung up on…

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    3 keys to

    3 Keys to Successful Engagement

    Today’s businesses need to be on social media. It’s critical to have a website and social media presence in order for prospects to find and research you and your services. But what do you do after your social media profiles have been set up? Engage… 3 Keys to Successful Engagement

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    Top 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes - Blog ad v2

    Are You Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

    Last week I had a radio interview with Jim Beach of School for Startups Radio. (You’re invited to listen to the interview here). The main topic of the interview was social media, specifically Twitter. During the course of the interview it became clear that even the most intelligent entrepreneurs make mistakes with their social media…

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    ploughed field 1 by Jason Bowler on Flickr


    Driving through southwest Ohio in April is amazing. Really. The trees are blossoming, the birds are chirping and… The farmers are spreading manure all over their fields. Yesterday I drove the backroads in half the counties around the county we live in as I ventured to visit the in-laws. With three babies in the back of…

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    Unemployed on LinkedIn

    I’ve been spending a fair share of time on LinkedIn lately, and I’m always intrigued by the headlines people have. While there are the obvious “Banker”, “Vice President of Sales”, and my own personal favorite, “Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Business Consultant, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Virtual Assistant,” there are others that do nothing to help the…

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    Why Don’t You?

    Why don’t you… … Smile when someone frowns as you? … Laugh when you stub your toe? … Think about the money coming your way when your bank account balance gets too low? … Step out of your comfort zone, especially when you know it will bring positive change? … Stand up for yourself when you’re mistreated?  …

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    Drop the Doubt

    Drop the doubt. Seriously. Yes, I’m talking to you. Well maybe not YOU but possibly the person next to you. Of my few pet peeves, self-doubt has quickly climbed to the top. How many times do I need to hear a professional, grown-a$$ businessman say, “I don’t know if I can do that.”?

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    Be Your True You

    Be your true you… Hmmm… For so many small business owners this can be a challenge. Just because you’re trying to (and going to!) build a successful business doesn’t mean you need to hide who you are outside of the office.

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