Social Media Marketing

Is Your Audience Listening to You?
    Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Should NOT be a Game

    Play Hide and Go Seek with Your Kids -- NOT Your Business

    Are You Giving Your Ideal Coaching Clients the Opportunity to Learn More About You?

    We Put You and Your Coaching Business in the Spotlight


    Facebook isn’t just the place to see pictures of your friends and family and read about their life adventures. Your company should be connecting with prospects through regular, high-quality posts and engagement.


    With its company pages and communities Google+ provides an easy way to boost your company’s position in search engine results.


    LinkedIn isn’t just for people who are looking for a job. It is a great platform for proving your expertise and connecting with potential referral partners. Company pages and groups also allow for exposure to potential coaching clients.


    Twitter provides an excellent way to stay within earshot of people talking about your company as well as your industry. Engage with people on Twitter and your post has the potential to go viral.


    Even if you don’t want to be in front of the camera YouTube is an essential platform in any company’s social media marketing strategy.


    EVERYcoach should have an active blog. Why? Blog articles show your expertise and knowledge in the services and products you are selling. We help our clients maintain their blogs by helping curate and post their articles.


    Many small business bloggers haven’t even heard of Tumblr. Even more, those who have don’t realize it’s a VERY powerful platform when it comes to spreading the word about your blog articles and other social media content.


    Instagram is a great way to show the people behind your brand. Connecting with your prospects on a personal level builds rapport and trust.