Virtual Assistance

Isn't it time to outsource your busy work?

    Do You Have Time to Sleep?

    When it comes to seeing over-worked, over-committed coaches with too much on their plate, we’ve seen enough!

    Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Should be Doing for You


    How much time are you spending sending and/or paying invoices? Your virtual assistant can make sure your clients are paying the invoices for the services and products you are providing.

    Calendar Coordination

    You should not be following up with clients and prospects to schedule appointments. Your virtual assistant can set up reminder emails, send your online scheduling link, and take care of rescheduling/cancelling issues as they arise.

    Customer/Client Relations

    Keep your clients and customers happy even when you’re not available. Your virtual assistant can serve as your Client Care Manager and respond to inquiries and issues in a timely manner.

    Data Entry

    Why are you spending time adding new contacts to your CRM or email marketing provider? This time adds up! Forward the information to your virtual assistant and regain control of your time.

    Email Management

    How much time do you spend cleaning the junk out of your inbox on a daily basis? An hour? Two? Your virtual assistant can send you an itemized summary of the emails you need to take action on while s/he takes care of the rest.

    Meeting Minutes

    Have you ever left a meeting and forgotten what action items you were supposed to take care of? Your virtual assistant can sit in on the meeting (or listen to a recorded meeting) and prepare meeting minutes for distribution.


    Why are YOU spending time researching topics for a presentation or looking up the background of a prospective client? Your virtual assistant could be pulling together the facts for you in a cohesive document.

    Travel Coordination

    Looking for the best rates on hotels and airfare can take hours for a single trip. Your Virtual Assistant can take care of all your travel arrangements.

    Our Virtual Assistance Rate - $40/hour

    Our virtual assistance is available on an hourly basis by retainer only. We track our work by the minute, and you only get charged for the time we work!

    Are You Ready to Take Back Your Time?

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    If any of these sound like you, it’s time to hire a virtual assistant!

    “I’m ready to grow my business but I don’t have the manpower to take on more work.”

    “I launched a program and had hundreds of sign-ups, however participants are not scheduling their follow-up appointment.”

    “I have so many client meetings that I don’t have time to send client invoices. I’m giving away my services!”

    “My product launch went WAYYYY better than I expected, and I need to make sure my customers are happy every step of the way.”

    “Every day I spend at least an hour cleaning the junk out of my email inbox.”

    “I want to be booked for speaking engagements, but I don’t have time to respond to inquiries or to research the events I should be speaking at.”

    “My days are filled with busy-work when I should be focusing on client work.”